My name is Aimée de la Lande and I am a wedding, destination, and lifestyle photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As an individual who’s always had a love and appreciation for the visual arts & documenting life’s moments, it only seemed like a natural fit to pursue photography as part of my everyday living and as a career.

What I love most about being behind my camera is the ability to capture and immortalize moments in time through photographs. I especially love seeing photographs in print – memories that are tangible and not just something we look at on a computer screen or our phones. My home here is filled with so many wonderful memories from travels, friends and family – there is something so nostalgic and beautiful about seeing them on my walls or feeling the fine prints in my hands.

When it comes to your wedding day, my goal is to capture the beautiful and authentic story of who you are as individuals, your connection with each other, and how your family and friends add meaning and value to who you’ve become as couple. I want to create memories that are beautiful and timeless that too can hang on your walls. 

I absolutely have a major love for photographing the beautiful details such as your flowers, wedding dress, accessories, and decor but of course documenting the simple and organic moments that evoke emotion are what truly matter most to me and my clients. You have likely put in many hours of envisioning the guests list, the style & feel, location and details of your day and I will be sure to put as much attention into photographing your guests and the curated details that represent you both. 

Finding a photographer that understands you as a couple, your style, and what you envision your wedding day memories to be is just as important as the photograher finding the type of clients whom truly love and appreciates the art & style of their photographer. I want you to see me as more than just a service, I want to build a relationship in which we share each others visions and you trust that I will dedicate myself to your wedding day wholeheartdly from the moment we meet to the day I deliver your  images that you will cherish over a lifetime. If a friendship builds from that, it really is just the cherry on top of a passion and job I truly love.

Below is just a small sneak peak into my personal life and the things that matter most to me. First and foremost, I have an amazingly talented partner whom also runs his own business which means we are always working one way or another.  When Jacob is not busy building beautiful cabins in Lake of the Woods or I, capturing memories at a wedding, you can usually find us together flipping our beautiful historic home in the heart of Glenn Elm that we share co-habitate in with our two handsome rescues (Tao and Nash) – lets be honest, they run the house we just live there, clean, and feed them lol. We both have a love for Travel, sports and really anything active involving the boys whenever we can. Alone I have visited 14 countries which include:  Spain, Portugal, Italy, Uk, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba, and together we have visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia,  Indonesia and some beautiful cities in the USA. I recently returned from a beautiful destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico and have a few specialty bucket list destinations that I would love to shoot in. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope to connect with you! 

Aimee xx