I was incredibly excited that Janna and Adam’s wedding was the start to my 2016 Wedding Season. With an absolutely amazing venue location chosen as The Gates on Robin, talented vendors like Academy Florist, and a beautiful bride in a stunning lace dress (my all time favourite) –  I certainly couldn’t have asked for anything more.

From our first meeting over a Starbucks coffee, I knew instantly that Janna’s wedding was not only going to be one of my favourite weddings of the season, but that she would be an absolute sweetheart of a human being to work with and I’m so happy to have booked such a wonderful couple. It’s not everyday that clients go out of their way to really let you know how much they appreciate your hard work, vision, and art.

Janna presented me with the sweetest card at the end of hers and Adam’s engagement session saying “Aimee, we are so happy to have your taking our pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding!” which to me, was such a thoughtful gesture and really made me look even more forward to the wedding I was already counting down the days to.

Of course, the wedding was beautiful from start to finish, and working with Adam and Janna was such a pleasure and an honour to witness as they exchanged their vows after being together for quite some time and sharing a beautiful little girl together. While some may have viewed them as close enough to being married, exchanging vows and making a promise to one another added an even more meaningful depth to their relationship and I was thrilled to document the love, happiness, and celebration shared in front of their family and friends.

I wish Janna and Adam all the best in their future together with their fur family and their beautiful little daughter xx Enjoy the documentation of Adam and Janna’s beautiful wedding day.

Janna Top 50-2storyboard001

Janna Top 50-3Janna Top 50-5

Janna Top 50-13

Janna Top 50-16Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-116Janna Top 50-11


Janna Top 50-18Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-5

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-6

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-12

storyboard016Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-21


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-7

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-5


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-31

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-37


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-43Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-39Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-65 Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-104 Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-85 Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-122 Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-126Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-2 Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-5

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-25

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-18storyboard011Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-54

storyboard012Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-60storyboard006

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-79

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-55


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-145

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-108Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-107

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-111Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-114

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-33

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-96


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-94


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-71


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-72

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-51


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-41


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-52


Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-90Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-7

storyboard018 storyboard017Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-32

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-43

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-98

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-60 Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-61

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-184

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-201

Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-109storyboard017Janna & Adam Wedding Day_-205


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