Meet Serena & Jeff, we go a long way back now and I couldn’t be happier that fate brought us together. It all started when Jeff casually approached me at the wedding of his cousin with curiosity as to whether I  photographed  proposals – with the preliminary details shared, a “heck yes, i’m in!,” and a business card later, I couldn’t wait for Jeff to contact me for the beautiful surprise proposal he had planned for his soon to be financé. While all this was happening, the unsuspecting Serena was getting herself into position for the bouquet toss, I remembering rushing away from Jeff to make sure I didn’t miss the toss and of course, who else but Serena catches the bouquet! It’s almost too fitting for this story, I know.
I remember smiling so hard when I was nearing the end of editing Jeff’s cousins wedding and I got to the shots of Serena catching said bouquet. Anyone who knows Serena will tell you she literally lights up a room with her smile and laughter. She is truly one of the sweetest & bubbliest girls i’ve ever met and her reaction and excitement in the photos were absolutely epic!  All I could do was keep my fingers crossed that Jeff would contact me for the proposal Serena had no idea about.

Sure enough, a few month later Jeff contacted me with all the details of the surprise proposal and I was in; an incredible evening later with the sun setting and Serena arriving in horse & carriage to her fiancé on bended knee, we (friends, family, and myself) all left teary eyed and excited for the couples happy new beginning.

Naturally, I was even more thrilled when Serena & Jeff contacted me yet again to discuss their wedding date and I knew we’d be a great fit. Between clicking so well in person, having been with them at the start of their love story, and the details of the wedding day itself, it was easily one of my most anticipated weddings of 2017. I had never shot at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and was absolutely dying to have a couple book me for their wedding day at this incredible architectural masterpiece. After all the details and logistics were discussed we discovered that same meeting that we all played dodgeball in the same league. I’m pretty sure our client meeting turned more dodgeball talk then wedding talk by the end of it all.

Of course, as you can see through the photos, Jeff & Serena’s beautiful wedding day did not disappoint. Every detail came together so beautifully – some of my  absolute favourite wedding industry vendors were also apart of this incredible day, and of course I just adore these two people and could photograph them all day every day. You honestly won’t find more sincere, genuine, passionate, and kind people – these two are real gems and a beautiful couple together. From the moment I saw Serena’s smiling face in the bridal room, to her stunning lace gown, beautiful flowers and sweet bridesmaids, I couldn’t wait for the day to start and to capture Jeff’s reaction as he saw his bride for the first time. People, I go to a lot of weddings and I don’t normally get too emotional unless they are real heart string tuggers, but Jeff literally had me in snotty nose running tears mode when he saw Serena come down the aisle with her father.

The rest of the day was also amazing, we had a beautiful fall day spent on Waterfront Drive taking photos with a super fun, relaxed, and spirited wedding party and of course the backdrop of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights also made stunning photos for Jeff & Serena before the reception started. The evening was equally as amazing; great food, games, heartfelt speeches, and a lot of laughter made the night fly by and before I knew it, their day was over for me. Luckily since then, we continue to see each other on an almost weekly basis as dodgeball comrades which is actually pretty funny – who still plays dodgeball right? Believe it or not, there are quite a few adults who still take it quite seriously lol and we happen to be three of them!
Anyways, if you’re still reading this, you should definitely stick around a little while longer to see their stunning photos from their wedding day. As always, some of my favourite vendors are listed below for reference. Enjoy xx



VENUE| Canadian Museum for Human Rights   FLOWERS|Oak & Lily   MAKEUP| 2 Chicks and a Bag of Makeup

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