Each year Shoot n’ Share holds a lovely contest for photographers from all around the globe, and when I say all around the globe I truly mean it – we are talking 141 different countries to be exact – how cool is that? It’s actually quite amazing that a community comes together for a whole month of the year to submit their “best 50” photos, and have hundreds of thousands of others vote for their favourite photographs from all different categories; from senior portraits, to family, newborn, styled shoots, wedding parties, pets, the bride, the groom and a few other pretty great categories just to name a few. In 2017 the contest started out with a submission of nearly 332,768 photos with voting  open to anyone and everyone for an entire month – that means you too could vote.  Things get pretty fun & inspiring as a photographer and the month of February can be difficult not getting into a habit of simply just eating, sleeping, and voting all day long. The wonderful team at Shoot n’ share whom host this amazing contest go above and beyond to make sure voting is fair and at random, they really have created such a great space to share talent & inspiration.

For me, 2017 was my first year submitting to the competition and I am still in awe of how far I placed in the competition with a number of my photos. Individuals can simply choose your photos out of the 4 that pop up, but if they really love your photos they can “heart” them and this is the only way to know whether you might have a photo still left once you get in the higher rounds. With each passing round and eliminations I would sequel with joy that my hearts were still increasing and not knowing which photos they were almost killed me. Anyhow, the photo contest wrapped up and I was so pleased that a good number of my photos made it through all 10 rounds of voting and some of my favourites placed higher than I ever could have dreamed and hoped for in my first year submitting. I even made top 100 photos with this beautiful bridal Portrait below out of 332,768 and over 49 million votes cast. I have also entered for 2018 some of my favourites from 2017 and even some older ones from the vault. We are currently at round 7 and my hearts are still slow and steadily moving up, so that gives me hope I am doing as well as last year. I’ll keep posted on this post for each year to share all the beautiful images that place in the competition. My fingers toes and eyes are crossed for 2018 – two weeks left for voting. In the meantime, you can take a peak at some of 2017’s photos and where they placed.


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