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Jason + Ana | Engagement Session

Jay has been a really good friend of mine for many a years now, and I was more than happy when he and Ana asked if I would shoot their engagement photos.

They showed up looking super smoking and of course classy as always. Just a little tid bit about them,  this couple is also a power couple on the Salsa Dance scene too. Jay has been dancing for many years including competing in the worlds a few times now. If you’ve ever had a slight interest in learning Salsa, you’ll get lessons from no one better than this talented guy. Check out Salsa Explosion.

Enjoy their Art Gallery images and a little from the Exchange district too. Can’t wait for the wedding and especially the dancing at their wedding!








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Tony + Lotis’ wedding will probably be one of my most memorable weddings to date. They booked me with only a week before the wedding and I was completely excited maybe even a little shocked when they made the decision to switch photographers and hire me. Lotis took me by surprise when only a few weeks prior at her friends wedding, she couldn’t stop telling me how much she had loved their Engagement photos, she casually joked that she was reconsidering her photography choice for her wedding only weeks away. So you can imagine that I nearly had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming when Lotis called wanting to meet and talk about it seriously.

Just one look at this couple and you’ll see that not only are they beautiful as individuals, but they are an amazing couple together. Their chemistry and love for one another is clear as day, and how much their family and friends love them is also evident.

It has been one of the largest weddings to date and brining two cultures together both Greek and Pilipino couldn’t have been any more of an experience for me. The ballroom was filled with so many family and friends, decorated elegantly, the food of course was amazing, and I can’t forget all the laughter and tears.

Here’s a little walk down memory lane of Tony + Loti’s wedding day … what a stunning bride and groom!



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Although I only got to be apart of one out of their five day celebration, Joti + Harmans wedding will be a most memorable one and i’m so lucky to have been second shooting with the talented miss Cynthia Bettencourt that day.

The detailed traditions of an East Indian wedding would leave just about anyone speechless. From the many traditions, the song and dance, attire, and overall energy and happiness of the long lasting celebrations is compared to nothing I have experienced before. I can’t wait for an opportunity to one day experience the whole celebration from start to finish with another bride and groom.

This is only a small handful of beautiful images from my wonderful day with Joti + Harman, enjoy all the amazing detail and relish in the time and beautifulness of it all!


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What an awesome night, one of my favourite photographers Michael Carrier taught his first workshop at Aspire Studios and I was lucky enough to be an attendee learning from one of my personal favs in the industry and currently shooting out of Vancouver now.

Some great vendors are listed below if you’re ever in need on your wedding day. They were the ones behind this workshop.
Aspire Studios is also an amazing place if your looking for photos in between your ceremony and reception. Check it out!

Jaelan – Swish Model Management
Hair – Lisa V Prep Hair
Makeup – Sarah G – Sarah Gurevich Beauty Services
Style – Mad About Style Boutique

Thanks Michael and our beautiful model Jaelan for the beautiful images you helped me make.  It’s amazing how much power light holds to totally change an image.



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Pantene Beautiful Lengths Adri Ana Portraits

Meet Adri Ana, this girl is both gorgeous  inside & out. She did something extra ordinary and let me document the story. She donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (http://www.pantene.com/en-CA/PanteneBeautifulLengths/Pages/default.aspx) and this is her story.

“I’ve always wanted to donate, but had been colouring my hair since grade 6. When I started pharmacy school I finally decided to grow out the dyed hair, chop it off and start fresh so that I would be able to participate in a program like this. I would have donated sooner, but I started to enjoy the long hair, so I ended up donating twice as much as originally planned (25 vs 10 inches!) I don’t remember there being a specific inspiration… but I know how much hair can be a part of a person’s identity, and how hard it would be to lose that on top of going through a difficult illness and the treatments involved, so I wanted to do my part!”

While she is absolutely stunning with her long locks , her transformation was incredible and I didn’t think she could possibly look any more gorgeous. A big thanks to Tammy at http://www.tonicspa.ca on Corydon for letting me get in the way to document this amazing memory. Enjoy Adri Ana’s story…



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