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Meet Adri Ana, this girl is both gorgeous  inside & out. She did something extra ordinary and let me document the story. She donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths ( and this is her story.

“I’ve always wanted to donate, but had been colouring my hair since grade 6. When I started pharmacy school I finally decided to grow out the dyed hair, chop it off and start fresh so that I would be able to participate in a program like this. I would have donated sooner, but I started to enjoy the long hair, so I ended up donating twice as much as originally planned (25 vs 10 inches!) I don’t remember there being a specific inspiration… but I know how much hair can be a part of a person’s identity, and how hard it would be to lose that on top of going through a difficult illness and the treatments involved, so I wanted to do my part!”

While she is absolutely stunning with her long locks , her transformation was incredible and I didn’t think she could possibly look any more gorgeous. A big thanks to Tammy at on Corydon for letting me get in the way to document this amazing memory. Enjoy Adri Ana’s story…



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